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Honomobo – Container Based Design – A New Way To Build?


According to HONOMOBO.com, “Honomobo is about genuineness, tangible design and responsibility.” The Canadian based company has expanded on an already popular concept. Living small.

The popularity of living small can be seen on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters, throughout social media posts, and continues to thrive with companies like HONOMOBO.

Their design concepts revolve around a shipping container. That’s right a shipping container. It sounds like it cannot possibly be livable, but take one look at their concept designs and you will be blown away by the design and seemingly affordable way to build a home/shed/garage/work loft/lakeside getaway, whatever your vision might be.

With units starting at under $40k (H01 – 144sqft) and all the way up to 120k+ (H04 – 640 sq ft), the prospect of having a ready to install unit with upgradable solar power, tankless water heater, insulation upgrades, and unlimited possibilities for use, I’m excited.

For me, it’s a question of space. I live in a 720sqft 2bedroom 1 Bathroom home on a 3800 sqft lot. We are a family of 3. We hope someday 4. The idea that we might have to move to a bigger home irks me on several levels, not the least of which is the increasing prices of homes in Southern California. I am fortunate enough to have the home we live in now, but there is no question that space is limited, inside the house. Outside, we have a nice open area and a garage/shed that is accessible through the alley like a lot of homes in the City Heights (92105) area. Ever since we had our baby in September, we have been thinking of different scenarios. HONOMOBO’s designs had me drooling and gave me hope that we can stay where we are and continue to enjoy our city roots and not break the bank with a tremendous mortgage increase or more home to care for than we can handle.

The company is hosting a pre-launch event in BC on Thursday at Third Space Coffee and will be accepting pre-orders at an exclusive introductory pricing.

If we get one, I’ll post it here at PalisadeRealty.com.

Erick Salgado
Office Manager